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Angela Kay Gammon




Honor Courage Commitment United States Marine Corp 

Proudly Serving Our Community.

Marine Corp Angela

My Story

In the second grade, I was eight years old. My aunt Irene in Middlebury, IN had a commercial/residential cleaning service. I spent the summers there and cleaned factory offices with her, dumping trash and vacuuming. From 7 am/8 am to 7 pm we would go clean a residential house.

She paid me $4 an hour and I was having a blast and making money and bought all my school clothes for the 3rd grade school year. When in high school, I cleaned for two of my coaches and teachers after practice. I then went to Davenport College in Kalamazoo Michigan for Business Management and cleaned for my professors and some staff. I continued to clean along with every job I ever had. I joined the USMC in 2003 and cleaned for staff NCOs and officers. I have always loved to clean! Instant gratification makes me most happy.

In 2007, I got out and worked as a CNA in ER at Trident Medical Hospital while going to nursing school and waitressing at Noisy Oyster. The doctors and nurses asked me to clean for them and paid me $20 an hour (and the ER was only paying me $11) and no nights/no weekends. So I got enough clients, left the ER, dropped my class schedule and started cleaning full-time. In January 2008 I started my business in Summerville, SC and have been here ever since.

Our Business

Deep Deluxe Cleaning. Slow and Steady Wins the race.

Quality over quantity.

Allow us enough time to deliver the very best product we have so we can return all surfaces back to the original as best as possible. We have all the tiny tools and specialty products to ensure we will get those surfaces back to brand new as fast as possible. The proper tools and products allow us to clean the home as quickly and efficiently as possible. My team is trained on every surface you can find in a home and proper products to use on them. I have a 2-week vetting process on any new hires: 10 hoops to jump through to get a working interview.

I background check everyone – drug test them- and do random quality checks on them at all times. Quality is the number one thing and we deliver the best product possible! Affordable is never in my advertising because for most people we might not be. My customers are quality driven and that is what we provide. We offer military discounts and referral discounts. I always want to give back to my clients and community as much as possible.

I offer free cleaning to cancer patients through a nonprofit called Cleaning for a Reason out of Lewisville, TX. I love my customers like family; their pets are our pets! There is no place I’d rather be than working in my company with my team! Best staff EVER! They are my dream team and they know it!

Biggest Challenges

Learning to manage staff was the biggest struggle, so I purchased a cleaning business fundamentals group for 6k and learned to grow my business from an owner’s perspective and not a cleaner. Taught myself how to run my office and then hired someone to do it so I could go back in the field to keep cleaning. I love to clean and change people’s lives!

A clean house takes a ton of stress off people and I can do that in just a few hours in a day! Learning about your worth- your value- your culture are all very key important things to a successful business. I was told perfection cleaning was not duplicated, only excellence.

I proved that person wrong. I train each staff member for 30 days before I ever let them in the field by themselves! Learning my passion about my standards is a must! I love my team and I love our culture! I give you 159% and you must duplicate!

Our Plans

I plan on growing my team one person at a time and finding the people who want to stick around for a while and have a loving work family who cares about them and their families. I give my team many opportunities to give back to other families in the community as well, like Habitat for Humanity and other groups and fun activities so they feel joy by donating their time to help others as well! It’s all about give and take, 50/50!! My team takes care of each other! No matter what! I take care of them no matter what I have to do – I do it!

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