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Ceiling fans dusted/wiped - all parts, globes

Light fixtures - remove bugs

Return vents - vacuumed

Walls dusted

Spot clean for fingerprints, dog prints on all surfaces: Light switches, outlets

Moldings & woodwork dusted, spot cleaned

Blinds: Vacuum & spot wipe

Window sills & lock ledges (glass/inner sill extra)

All doors & frames - including edges, seals, handles

All glass on interior doors

All exterior glass on entry/exit doors

Pictures, knick-knacks, lamps & shades

Sofa & chairs are vacuumed and tidied. Remove pet hair

Sofa: move a sofa to clean/sectional NOT moved but dust/mop under it when able

Furniture dusted & polished

Beds & blankets tidied

Clutter organized if possible

Electronics - dusted front & back

Trash cans - cleaned & relined

Baseboards / quarter round - dusted & mopped

Floors/carpets/stairs vacuumed, edged and/or mopped

Rugs vacuumed, rolled up, & cleaned under.


Sliding door tracks & thresholds

Refrigerator - top, front, seal, shelving fronts, return vent

Stove - stove top, drip pans, knobs, under, drawer, door, seals

Microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker

Dishwasher - outside & seals

Dishes: Wash dishes or load into dishwasher

Countertops & backsplashes

Walls - spot clean including outlets & switches

Sinks - handles & drain catches as well

Cabinets - both sides of doors, ledges, edges, hinges, underneath & top of cabinets

Drawers - all fronts, edges, gliders, remove crumbs

Tables & chairs - wipe all surfaces and legs

Trash can - cleaned & relined

Lighting - dusted

Pantry - will move bins to clean floor

Soap dispensers

Pet food bowls


Machines - top, lid, door, seals, dryer vent

Towel bars & picture

Toilet - remove seat if possible, hoses, disinfect      counters, backsplashes,        baseboards, sinks

Windows - clean glass, window sills, lock ledges

Cabinets - all doors inside & out, hinges, edges


Hairbrushes, soap dispensers, toothbrush holder

Trash can - cleaned & relined

Light Fixtures

Trim including light switches & outlets

Shower/tub - doors, tile, shower curtain, seals, fixtures

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