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How To Clean a Vacuum

Vacuuming a Couch
Maintaining a Vacuum from A Step Above N Beyond Cleaning

The vacuum cleaner you use to clean your home also need regular maintenance cleanings to keep it working in optimal form. Use these great tips to keep your vacuum working at optimum efficiency.

  • Clean your vacuum outside or in well ventilated area, you will be exposed to dust and dirt. You may want to wear at least a mask to cover your nose and mouth.

  • Make sure you not only empty the bag or cannisters regularly, but also check filters and clean or replace them regularly.

  • Remove string and carpet fibers from around the brush roller to keep the roller free from debris and turning smoothly.

  • Check your hoses and make sure they are free from debris, and also a great place to check for potential clogs is where the hose attaches to the the bag or canister. An easy way to clean your vacuum hoses is detach it from the vacuum and use a dryer vent brush or handle of a broom being careful not to puncture or damage the hose

  • Great ways to remove any vacuum smell is by using dryer sheets or a little vanilla on power towel pieces and vacuum them up into the bag or canister.

If you want your vacuum to perform at its optimum level, you need to maintain it. Methods will differ from vacuum to vacuum, but rest assured, all vacuums need at least bi-annual cleaning. As will all vacuums, please refer to the owners manual for any disassembly instructions and part replacements if need be. You can also enter your vacuums model number and get replacement parts from Amazon like filters. Here at A Step Above N Beyond Cleaning Service, we regularly maintain each of our vacuums on a weekly basis to ensure our clients are getting the proper cleaning they come to expect from our technicians.

Vacuuming Carpet
Keeping a Vacuum working at 100% A Step Above N Beyond Cleaning Service

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